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Polytron PolyFlex DPM-800 Basis Unit op=op

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Polytron PolyFlex DPM-800 Basis Unit

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Polytron PolyFlex DPM-800 Basis Unitt

The PolyFlex DPM is a compact future-oriented headend for modular channel processing of DVB-T and DVB-S signals. It is deployed in small and middlesized communal facilities and has a vast number of advantages, for example:

  • Compact Design,
  • innovative Master-Slave technology,
  • adjacent channel operating modulators,
  • advanced OSD programming technology,
  • switch for LNB voltage on each Master Module,
  • high output level 100 dBµV,
  • continuous output frequency range (47-862 MHz)
  • integrated output combiner, amplifier and powersupply unit
  • test output (-20 dB)

 Depending on the inserted module, the TV Standards B/G, B/B, D/K, I, M/N, and L can be adjusted.

The base unit disposes of eight module slots and enables the conversion of up to eight programs. Like all Polytron headends, the DPM integrates an output collecting field, an amplifier, and a power supply unit. All entrances have switches for remote supply for the LNB’s. Attached with eight channels the output level of the headend is 100 dBµV. A test output with 20 dB reduced output level is available for measurements and service.

The Master Module is equipped with a tuner for the reception of the desired transponder. Should several programs from one transponder be converted, Slave Modules are used. The MPEG data stream processed by the master module is passed to the Slave Modules. Therefore it is possible to process eight programs from one transponder with only one singleMaster Module and seven Slave Modules. Afterwards the processed A/V signals are passed to the pluggable modulators. The Polytron series offers single and twin modulators. The channels of the twinmodulators are compulsory adjacent channel operating (e.g. channel 21 and 22). Pay attention to the labelling of the module slots on the base plate when assembling the base unit: When twin modulators are used, they have to be inserted into the oddnumbered module slots (1, 3, 5, 7), the adjacent module slot stay empty. However, when assemling stereocoders both module slots are filled.


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